A Fine Edge

Get set to be wowed into a world of grandeur privileges. Whether we are helping to build home in a busy city or decorating your getaway holiday villa, THESET prides itself on an uncompromised excellence of service. THESET is leading and unique real estate development company, with branches over Riga, Almaty, London and New York. While its primary focus is on residential projects, the company today covers key segments of the real estate market like commercial, retail or hospitality projects. Our company has been making a significant contribution in offering comfort and luxurious living to its clients for the past few decades. With a growing number of completed projects at strategic locations across the world and another dozen in making, THESET brand has emerged as the preferred choice for homeowners.

We offer residential and commercial projects that are the insignia of exclusivity, comfort and aesthetics. Each aspect of the developments is handcrafted to maximise client’s requirement of priceless lifestyle. To ensure every project incorporates world- class design, style and innovation, we collaborate with leading architects, designers and engineers from around the globe and seeks to produce architecture that is tranquil, inspired by nature, yet human in scale.



Almost two decades old, we are just getting started. Here at THESET we believe in history repeating, so we seek our pieces to be something more than beautiful objects. Each of our project was created to overcome time and reach a variety of different lifestyles. We found ourselves in constant development, not only strategically but also emotionally.


In every new project we recreate forces of nature by using diverse materials, scenes, textures and colours. Whether it is rural or urban – all designs are functional, smooth and elegant where the simplicity of the nature is essential.

Attention to Details

It is our mission to break arts, create trends and surprise our clients with every solution. It is long and evolving process to change the whole game, but we are there to push a new understanding of details to the limits.

Excellence of Service

It is a great pleasure to understand the needs of a client and suggest sense of balance in a welcoming vibe. The experts at THESET are inspired to complete every vision.