Rustenis Vitas Milasevicius - Architect / Europe Region

„Everything we create, we believe in traditional knowledge twisted with modern language of aesthetics presented in every detail“

Algirdas Urbonas - Architect / East Region

„From inception to completion, our team will assist you at every stage of the process – from scheduling and pre-construction planning to exposing personality your space.“

Nerijus Stanionis - Architect / Europe Region

„Full of energy and proficiency our team will bring the touch of a perfect sense to every landscape. We shape spaces to tell stories.“

Greta Zemaityte - Head of Interior Design

„I would call myself a modernist taught in a classical method. I see world as a timeless product of historical, social and nature forces, so one should respond to them all. My highest priority is for interiors to look effortless and fully balanced into their site“

Simonas Sidlauskas - Art Director

„Designing is a process of research. Some pieces came out of the comfort, others - of the need, but all of them amaze with unique, organic and textured look. That‘s the power of an artisan.“

Ruth Shin - Head of Real Estate Consulting

„THESET consultants with their know-how can help you to turn desperate real estate issues into great solutions.“