Spaces Affect People in Myriad Ways

If the “must” list for your home includes boutique decor and high standard of living, consider  THESET as your alliance. Catering to the aspirational and prosperous home-owners of today, our team believes in an interior as a blend of remarkable design, functional aesthetics and upscale facilities. Since its establishment, our company has focused on innovative solutions and commitment to service excellence.

Taking ordinary spaces and transforming them into something spectacular. This is where attention to details comes to life. We believe that design starts before you even enter the site. Once inside, rest is assured.

When it comes to commercial properties, our goal is to suit every certain organisational requirement. Understanding the technological concern of the space and anticipating future needs – these are essential features for shaping contemporary and sophisticated office structure which provides a unique ambience and makes perfect (business) sense.

“I would call myself a modernist taught in a classical method. I see world as a timeless product of historical, social and nature forces, so one should respond to them all. My highest priority is for interiors to look effortless and fully balanced into their site”
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